Thursday, December 24, 2015

Ed, the Christmas Angel -- Day 57

After the veritable Hell that was the last 72 hours, it's nice to be able to write about something happy and positive. I don't believe in coincidence, and neither does Ed.

Ed works for Massy Wrecker and Towing, and he's an ex-truck driver. He's been all over the country and seen a lot of things. He's done things that he's not proud of, and paid the price for those mistakes. Now he lives his life with a higher purpose, and tries to make the world a better place.

I can say with full confidence that Ed is doing it. When he showed up Tuesday morning to tow us, I already had a good feeling about him. Wiry little guy with a dusting of gray stubble on his well-lined face, his ready smile and firm handshake immediately put me at ease. I was saddened when Good Sam told me that he wasn't the right guy, and to send him away. Fortunately for us, Ed knew how these things go, and that if he left we would probably have been stranded there all day.

He cheerily hooked us up and brought us to Prevost, taking care of our home the whole way. After the mighty phone battle that afternoon with Good Sam, it was nice to see his familiar face coming back to take me to the park to get some rest.

Customer service is all about meeting the customer's needs. Those that are good at customer service will anticipate other needs that may arise and meet those as well. Ed had chilled bottled water for me while we drove. It even had Star Wars figures on it.

Superior customer service sometimes requires doing the unusual. Ed was asking me what happened and why we were going back to the park. After I explained the situation, he asked if it would be ok if he spoke with his boss, since they have a whole service bay to take care of their trucks. They have mechanics on site that aren't super busy, since it's Christmas week.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Of course you can ask your boss if y'all can fix my rig! Ed called Bobby, and Bobby wanted to warn me over the phone that they aren't licensed to work on our vehicle, and they might not even be able to do the service. But if they couldn't do the service, they would tow me back to the park, as the original plan at no additional cost to me.


So they took us in, immediately started working on my rig and had it done by the following day. I highly recommend Massey Wrecker and Towing, if you're ever in Dallas. They tow 24 hours!

Ed saved Christmas!

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  1. How awesome! I love when people show us the bright side of humanity. So glad your Christmas was saved :)