Friday, March 31, 2017

The Hustle and the Flow -- Day 521

As I wander through life, I pick up tidbits of pop culture and they come out in weird ways at random times. I was contemplating this blog post about our life right now, and the juxtaposition of doing versus being, when the name of a random movie (which I've never seen, btw) popped into my head. In case you were looking for this post to be related to the Terrence Howard movie, I have to warn you that you will probably be disappointed.

When I refer to The Hustle, I'm talking about the things that we DO. The choices that we make that influence our lives, our circle, our world. Every choice that we make impacts the history of the universe! (In case you were feeling infinitesimally small and insignificant. YOU MATTER.) Every choice that we make, from the decision to wear socks that match, to the person that you are going to marry, will change your story, your life, and your world. When the history of the world is reviewed, those choices will be there.

The Flow is that grand universal life force that is in everything, that IS everything. The unstoppable, unfathomable, unrelenting wave of essence that carries us ever forward on our linear perception of space-time. The Flow crashes through us obliterating our choices, and reminding us that we are specs of cosmic dust, tiny individual cells in an infinite body and the choices that we make are equally insignificant. You wanna wear socks? The Flow doesn't care. You wanna marry a goat? Again, the Flow gives not a whit of thought.

The dance of the Hustle and the Flow are what makes up our daily lives, and the Balance is what keeps us here. If you decide to stay in bed all day and sleep, will the Earth stop turning? Absurd, when you think about it. The Flow keeps the machinations of the universe in motion. Life will go on without you, around you. But it's YOUR life that will not be moving forward, if you don't move with it. And sometimes we need a break, I get it. The Flow is sometimes like a vast river, with different currents. When you have the energy to swim out to the faster moving water, things can develop rather quickly. If you need a break, you can just float along in the lazier parts of the flow. All choices become good choices, because no matter what you do, we all move down the line.

Personally, I'm not wearing socks today.

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  1. I only wear socks if I know I'm walking a distance & therefore need my sneakers. Otherwise, I'm flip-flopping outside, & barefoot in!

    Also, mostly Flow, lately. I try not to beat myself up over my lack of Hustle, but there it is...