Thursday, October 29, 2015

Life at 60mph -- Day 3

Woke up next to Lake Joe Pool in Grand Prairie, TX. Drove to brunch at Red Dog Right in Grapevine, TX (try the pizza rolls, they're fantastic!!) Hit up Camping World in FT Worth, stopped off to see a 240' caterpillar named "Bruco" (Italy, TX) and then dinner in Dew, TX (chips and coke.) Now we're tucking in to sleep in a Walmart parking lot in Huntsville. THIS is what I imagined life on the road would be like. Rolling hills and vast empty fields of fresh cut hay. Winding little highways through podunks that I never knew existed. Avalon, Blooming Grove, Richland, Streetman. Quaint little bergs, all with their own stories, many already forgotten.

"When you're driving to Houston, Corsicana ain't that far"

Everything comes down to perception. I have friends that are from Corsicana, and often will return for weekend visits. To me, that used to seem like a really long drive, just to enjoy mama's friend chicken, legendary though it may be. Now, that two hour drive is just a warm up, something that we would do just to get the day started, before we even eat our fist meal. It's like a coffee run to get the juices flowing!

Tomorrow is special, because if the weather holds, I will get to play disc golf on one of the highest rated courses in the state. Of course, we are under a flash flood warning, so it will require quite a bit of luck.

"Now that we know where it is, we can come back to it"

One of the most awesome benefits of our new lifestyle is the flexibility. We missed out on Czech Stop in West, TX this time around (and Anya has never been!) So that is one of the must-stops on our return trip. If my round of disc golf gets rained out tomorrow, I'll hit it back up another time. The only constant is change, so there is no permanently lost opportunity. Everything will come back around again, eventually. The most exciting thing now is to see what happens tomorrow.

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