Saturday, October 31, 2015

Not so Halloweeny -- Day 5

Today I screwed up.

Actually, it started before today, and the fulmination was realized today. It’s Halloween, and while I have always had a certain affinity for the door-to-door candy collection, and the license to dress in anything you like, I hadn’t taken into account the fact that this is probably Zoe’s favorite holiday of the year. Sure, she loves Christmas, we all love Christmas, but Halloween is sanctioned taking candy from strangers. She loves meeting people and she loves sugar, this is her day.

Unless you are stranded in an old folks home.

There are several cool things about the Rainbow’s End RV Park in Livingston, TX. Full RV hookups (water, electric, sewer) plus a swimming pool, activity center, social events, and even WiFi. But being the youngest full-timers that we’ve met so far, there is a distinct lack of children out here. The kids that most of these people have are our age, and settled in somewhere that the grandparents can drive a day to get to. Somehow, I had imagined that the old people would love to dress up, and a concentration of so many people in a small area would make Trick-or-Treating a snap. Ha! I couldn’t be more wrong.

Zoe was a trooper, though. We slept through the pancake breakfast (because we wants to eat at 7am anyway?) and missed the ice cream shop (apparently it’s been closed for four months.) Then she got the news that we aren’t going to get to go Trick-or-Treating. I felt like such a heel.  

The make-up plan is in place. Tomorrow, when we hit the road, we’re going to get pancakes and a giant bag of candy. This life is different, and we have to learn to plan differently. The learning curve is pretty steep, but I can honestly say that I love it, so far. Of course, it did help that I hooked up the PlayStation last night so that we could play a little Minecraft together.

Just because she’s the youngest human in our tribe, doesn’t make her opinion, wants, and desires any less valid. So you can bet your ass that we will be near a Saltgrass for her birthday, come July 1.

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