Sunday, October 25, 2015

On the Road, Day -2

Sitting in the dark in my (mostly) empty apartment, contemplating life.

"This life I chose isn't easy, but sure is one heck of a ride!" 
~ Greg Universe

Hard to believe that we've made it this far! Getting a 1000 sq ft apartment pared down to fit into a 34' RV is a challenge not lightly undertaken. Even taking the "bare essentials" we have so much stuff that we're going to have to get really creative about storing. And the advice from experienced RVers ring in my ears, "You will start out with WAY more stuff than you need." I wholeheartedly believe them.

I have five pairs of shoes. Ten shoes, but only two feet. It seems to be more than I need, but I have genuine needs for each pair. So, I find a way to make it work. Necessity is the mother of invention, right? I have a buddy that has more shoes than my whole family combined. He probably needs them all, though. Maybe they serve a purpose beyond covering his feet?

"Attachment leads to suffering" ~ Gautama Buddha

If only I could fully internalize that sentiment. I still want all my things! I still enjoy going through old yearbooks and reading what that one guy said in 8th grade. That guy that I didn't really like that year, and haven't spoken to since. You know who I'm talking about, right? OK, so maybe I can live without those things. What if I could live without MOST things? This is part of our adventure. How much stuff do we actually and truly need?

This week's Beginner RV tip: Learn all that you can about your rig.

So our generator wasn't working when I tested it yesterday. This is particularly frustrating to me, because I feel so helpless! I don't know ANYTHING about generators. If this were a problem with our car, I would at least know where to start looking, but since this is brand new ground, I find myself scouring YouTube and RV forums trying to get a clue. And coming up mostly empty. So it sounds like we'll be calling a technician to  come look at it while we're parked at the lake. At least we'll have the lake to look at while we're waiting!

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